Indira Mersiyanova - a talented artist from Russia


Her work is created using different techniques, several types of paints and inks on canvas in a variety of sizes.


For this artist, her portrayal of emotion is key. The pictures express intense feelings: they are frank and mysterious, and full of colour. All emotions and feelings: passion, tenderness, love, disappointment, joy of living and serenity are put onto canvas.


Indira’s style of work draws in the audience to feel every emotion, even if the interest is accompanied by a complete antipathy or sympathy. Her aim is for her audience to embody it.. In every picture you can see yourself, your secret images, desires, feelings. Colour opens up and creates internal dialog with the audience.


Indira was born in Moscow in 1985. Graduated A. N. Kosygin Moscow State Textile University  with diploma of artist-designer, stylist.  She held several exhibitions in Moscow and participated in the Fashion Week in Moscow in 2007 with a collection of accessories and handbags with her paintings as prints. The combination succeed to be very bright, youth and interesting.


Since 2013, the artist has been living and working in Monaco.
In 2015, Indira officially became the member of the National Committee of Artists of Monaco that is held under the patronage of U.N.E.S.C.O.

Since 2015 she has beenactively involved in many exhibitions, art galleries and presentations.
Her exhibitions have had a lot of success and evoke great interest among the public, especially the "art - performance" by Indira.
Paintings of the artist have become more feminine, more dense and complex in terms of
Frequent publications in magazines, newspapers and participations in different art
exhibitions and charities, make her more and more recognizable.


The author hopes that the audience will accept her work. And inspire to new ones.



From the author:

"Sometimes our life is too boring and routine, with lack of colours or we are too limited by rules. But each of us is unique.

Do not forget it.

P.S. Watch, enjoy, be surprised .. "

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